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Lenny Popkin


Lenny Popkin’s new trio CD, « Time Set », featuring Carol Tristano, drums and Gilles Naturel, bass,  has just been released in France..(www :parisjazzcorner.com)

Le Nouvel Observateur says, « Lenny Popkin has given us a masterpiece. »

CItizen Jazz writes, « Tempo, always essential, leads us into the flow of the artist. One has the sensation of being liberated in space-time. That’s why no music can be compared to that of Lenny Popkin. It is great art.. ».

Oh Magazine writes : « This CD is essential for any jazz fan. No less. About Lenny Popkin, one has to say that his music has a purity, flow, incomparable excellence of sound and of invention, and a continuous jazz feeling that one never gets to hear.


Earlier critics write about Lenny Popkin:

“Popkin propels himself forward with a display of technique that moves one more than it dazzles. It is only after you think about it that you realize how those fingers are flying.” (Ira Gittler)

“A model of artistic integrity, the saxophonist has a way of improvising that we no longer hear today. He creates fleeting lines – as delicate as the smoke of a cigarette. What emerges is a diaphanous music, as free as air, in which one can share his dreams.” (Vincent Bessieres – Jazzman)

“A giant of the saxophone” (Francois Billard – Jazz Magazine)

“A sound of astounding and thrilling beauty, magnificent from beginning to end. Indispensable.” (Jean-Paul Ricard – Jazz Magazine)

But no discription can be as meaningful as listening to one of his live concerts or his CD’s like “New York Moment”(2004), “Lenny Popkin” (1999), “Love Energy”(1990), or “317 East 32nd” (1979), or a live recording “Lenny Popkin Trio - Live at Inntöne Festival” published recently on PAO Records. “This is a mesmerising album, beautifully recorded, which conveys faithfully the very best of the live experience, which I cannot recommend highly enough. This has become a favourite album - and I’m still smiling” (Sebastian Scotney)





“Lenny Pokin’s music seems to come from another era, so original and so different from the other tenor sax players around. No one can deny his originality and inventiveness. Who else nowadays dares to play with such objectivity, and with such swing?” (Vittorio Lo Conte – All About Jazz)

Lenny’s bio:

Lenny Popkin is a tenor saxophonist, born in New York 1941. In the 1960’s he attended Brandeis University where he received a Masters degree in Musical Composition. During that time, he began studying with pianist Lennie Tristano. He performed with Tristano some years later as saxophonist in his quartet.

During the following years he has performed in the United States and Europe and now lives in Paris. He is also a teacher of Jazz Improvising.

“Popkin’s musical discourse is full of nuance and always driven by the spirit of improvisation. Popkin possesses a sound that is like a voice - music that also has moments of response - giving him an immediately recognizable character and distinguishing him from the nebular of postmodern saxophonists.” (Universal Jazz)